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Notice: Please disregard e-mails or other communications emanating from the e-mail address or using the following postal address for sending replies: 9854 National Boulevard, #171, Los Angeles, CA 90034. The Federation disavows these unauthorized communications.

    The Federation has become aware that an individual who is not an officer of the Federation is communicating with SESCAL vendors. The individual claims to be a Federation officer and demands that the third party vendor stop using the name SESCAL and stop doing business with SESCAL. The individual uses the following e-mail address: The individual also uses the following postal address: 9854 National Boulevard, #171, Los Angeles, CA 90034. Neither address is authorized by the Federation. Based on prior communications where Wes Robbins has used the foregoing postal address, we believe Wes Robbins is the person who has sent unauthorized communications to third party vendors. Mr. Robbins has also used the following e-mail addresses to misrepresent himself as an officer of the Federation and for sending unauthorized communications to Federation members: and Mr. Robbins is not an officer of the Federation.

    The Federation disavows communications you may have received from persons using the foregoing addresses and urges you to disregard them. The only persons authorized to act on behalf of the Federation are listed below with e-mail addresses.

    • PRESIDENT: John Weigle, P. O. Box 6563, Ventura, CA 93006, email:
    • VICE PRESIDENT: Edwin Kawasaki,, Long Beach, CA email:
    • SECRETARY: Caj Brejtfus, Henderson, Nevada email:
    • TREASURER: Lois Evans, Oxnard, CA email:
    • PAST-PRESIDENT: Jerome V.V. Kasper, Clovis, CA e-mail:

    All authorized SESCAL Committee Members are listed on the website Committee Page which is:

    Because the individual could change addresses, you are urged to disregard all messages and requests for information regarding Federation affairs that purport to be from the Federation or one of its officers unless it emanates from one of the authorized e-mail addresses and lists the authorized postal address for reply. The only authorized postal address for the Federation is: P.O. Box 6536, Ventura, CA 93006. The only authorized Federation email is

    Mr. Robbins claims membership in the Federation via membership in "The Stamp Album Society." On 14 October 2018, the Federation member clubs voted to cancel any affiliation with and to remove the "The Stamp Album Society" for cause i.e. deceitful misrepresentation by its President, Wes Robbins, claiming to be Secretary of the Federation.

    If you feel you have been a victim of his scams or if you wish to speak to a Federation officer regarding the communications from Mr. Robbins or others using the unauthorized addresses, please contact the President of the Federation, John Weigle, or any of the other officers listed above.



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    An Exciting New Federation Member!! is a 501(c)3 organization that has been supporting hundreds of Southern California youth as merit badge counselors for the BSA Stamp Collecting merit badge courses in Silver Sage, Cascade, Seattle, Los Angeles and San Diego Councils since 2011. In the past two years their organization provided all the materials and staff for attainment of 10% of all the nation's BSA and AHG stamp collecting merit badges.

    They have also offered local public stamp collecting classes at San Diego Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Coronado City Library, Rueben H. Fleet Science Center in San Diego, and the US Marine Corps Museum. They will be bringing 4 youth exhibits to WESTPEX this year. They also have two youth junior interns assigned to booths at SEAPEX, PIPEX and have adults staffing youth activities at WESTPEX. Their scouts have also attended SESCAL shows after we have introduced them to stamp collecting.

    They have 47 volunteers helping from residences in South Pasadena & San Diego, Idaho Falls, and Portland.

    In November, the Director in charge of Naval Archives met with their team and subsequently with the Marine Corps museum in San Diego. As a result FIRST STAMPS is developing several courses of instruction using stamps and postal history covers for visiting students, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts (now formally called Scouts) and American Heritage Girls. These courses need focused donations in the following categories of Veteran letters, ration books, ephemera, and/or postcards from:

    • WW1
    • WW2
    • Korean
    • Viet Nam
    • Grenada
    • Somalia
    • Desert Storm
    • Iraqi Freedom
    • Operation Enduring Freedom

    Donations are welcome! Your donations go towards furthering kids learning and experiencing more about stamps, along with helping the charity continue its efforts of keeping the love of philately alive. Donations can be sent to: FIRST STAMPS, C/O Director,MCRD Museum, 1600 Henderson Ave. (Ste 212),San Diego, Ca. 92140-5000. Be sure to note that the donation is for First Stamps and, if a "focused donation," to a youth category of your choice by calling (503)-939-0544. Their website is

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    Highlights --

    Federation Meeting

    October 14, 2018

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    • New BYLAWS pass unanimously.

    • "The Stamp Album Society" membership canceled & removed.

    • Appointment of Vice-President - Ed Kawasaki

    • Appointment of Secretary - Caj Brejtfus

    Reports and documents

    • Articles of Incorporation
    • New BYLAWS
    • Minutes for the meeting of the Federated Clubs of Southern California, October 14, 2018, Ontario Convention Center
    • Motions 10/14/2018 meeting
      • Motion 1: "Steve Pattillo moved that copies be made of the proxies and the voting results for our records and that they be posted to the Federation/SESCAL website. Carl Shaff seconded the motion. Motion carried.
      • Motion 2: To pass BYLAWS as distributed. Voting by written ballot: Howard Green and Dawn Goss reported on the results of the BYLAW voting by written ballot: 21 yes votes, 0 no votes, and 1 void ballot. NOTE: The 21 yes votes include the one void ballot that was found later.
      • Motion 3: Carl Shaff moved that "The Stamp Album Society" membership be canceled and removed from the rolls of the Federation for causeā€¦ that being deceit and unlawful practices of its President, Wes Robbins. Les Lanphear seconded, motion carried with 17 yes votes, and 3 abstentions.
      • Motion 4: Carl Shaff moved that the Federation contact the Federation membership and the APS to inform each club that Wes Robbins and the Stamp Album Society by name, of the results of this meeting's vote. Les Lanphear seconded. Motion carried.

    Last updated - August 25, 2019