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Distinguished Service Award for 2013

solar spectrum

Carl Shaff II

Presented Jean Kasper & Betty Green

Carl Shaff II with Jean Kasper & Betty Green

The award was presented by the 2012 recipients of the award, Jean Kasper and Betty Green. Here is their announcement as read by Betty Green:

Jean Kasper and I want to thank the federation for selecting us last year for the Federation Distinguished Service Award. It was a surprise and an honor to be included in such great company.

After some thought, Jean and I came to the same conclusion for this year's choice.

This person is 'hard working, very honest and a good person.' (A quote from Silvia.) He is a big believer and a supporter of cancer research. This person has three children, a grandchild and one more on the way. He was born in California, went to school locally, and went on to college. Military service in the Air Force came next. Once told he could argue for or against anything, the decision was made to go for a law degree.

There has been some travel in his life. Mexico, Canada and even Hawaii.

He has been a stamp collector for too many years to calculate. He has done a lot for the hobby of stamp collecting. He is a member of PSLA and has held office in that club for many years.

When SESCAL was in need of new committee members, he stepped up and volunteered to be the show chairman of SESCAL.

I'm sure you've put the clues together and come up with the name of Carl Shaff II. Carl has brought a unique style of leadership to the SESCAL show.

When we first met Carl, his hair was darker and in a pony tail. Silvia likes this hair style better!

It gives Jean and me great pleasure to honor Carl with this year's Federation Distinguished Service Award.



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