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Distinguished Service Award for 2012

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Betty Green & Jean Kasper

Presented by David C. Pietsch

Betty Green & Jean Kasper

with David C. Pietsch

Tonight, the 2012 Federation Distinguished Service Award is being jointly presented to two individuals who have long served philately.

Jean Kasper started collecting about 15 years ago because of her involvement with SESCAL and at the encouragement of her husband Jerry.

Jean is the current SESCAL Awards Chairman after serving many years as the assistant Awards Chairman. She is a current member of the Philatelic Society of LA and other philatelic organizations.

She has served in many volunteer activities at National Stamp Shows including Washington 2006, where she was involved in dealer check-in and checkout. Jean Kasper is a true National Volunteer in running dealer check-in and handling exhibits at over 10 National Shows.

Betty Green has been an active helping hand with exhibits at SESCAL for many years assisting her husband Howard, who is the Exhibits Chairman. Betty is a very pleasant person who welcomes the exhibitors and is particularly helpful to new exhibitors who do not know where to go and how to get there.

Betty has been very helpful to senior citizen exhibitors that cannot seem to get down mounting their exhibit in the lower frames.

Betty has been the SESCAL Banquet Chairman for several years and organizes the Judges Breakfast and Lunch and other special meals every year. Organizing a successful Banquet is quite a task and she always does a good job.



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