Federated Philatelic Clubs of Southern California


Distinguished Service Award for 2010

solar spectrum

Jerry & Gerry Winerman

Presented by William T. O'Connor

Jerry & Gerry Winerman with William T. O'Connor

It is my distinct pleasure to present the Federated Philatelic Clubs of Southern California Distinguished Service Award this evening. But first I would like to introduce the committee, Lois Evans de Violini, a recipient of this award a few years back and a highly respected judge and long time supporter of all that is philatelic, and Linda Mabin, long time President of SANDICAL, and a recipient of the John Tracy Memorial Award. It was a treat to work with such dedicated and responsible members of the philatelic community.

This year's recipient is in fact two members of our community. Jerry and Gerry Winerman are always together here at SESCAL, working diligently at the reception desk these past many years. They have been committee members longer than I care to count, and are always available to help with SESCAL when ever needed. They have been happily married for 44 years, and have two sons, Larry and Dan. Jerry is a long time member of APS, MEPSI, Scandinavian Collector's club, UPSS, and other local entities. Jerry has been an international vice president of MEPSI. Additionally they have founded a Benjamin Franklin Club Chapter.

I have enjoyed working with both of these wonderful people these many years. It is truly an honor for me to be able to hand out this award to two of Southern California's finest.



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