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Distinguished Service Award for 2005

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Alan C. Campbell

Presented by Fran Adams


Our recipient this evening was born in the eastern United States and spent their early life there. I have it from the best of sources that at a very young age, building blocks were a favorite toy and drawing was occasionally a preoccupation. One early drawing was of a house on the rear of one of those ever-so-useful cardboard backings that came with their father's shirts. On presenting it proudly to their mother, she said it was wonderful, and then gently inquired, "but where is the bathroom?"

Our honoree has collected since an early age as many of us have. A father who collected stamps and coins passed this interest to our recipient through their special bond. A gift of appreciation for classical items and the fine arts is also a trait shared by family members and evident to this day. A gentle nature is combined with kindness and unrivaled loyalty to friends as well as dedication to household pets.

During their early school years, our recipient participated in sports, a passion continued to this day. Baseball, golf and softball remain particular favorites. School honors were also achieved with the distinction of high school class valedictorian, only a preview of things to come. Applications to many of the best colleges in the U.S. resulted in a 100% acceptance rate which provided no end of pride to parents and siblings. After graduation from Harvard and the Harvard Design School our honoree moved to southern California and joined a local architectural firm in the early 1970s.

In 1975, he returned to stamp collecting and he's been a source of unrelenting assistance to his local clubs and philatelists. He's served as a club Vice-President and hosted many, many meetings. His dedication includes providing transportation to and from meetings as well as a strong shoulder for collectors with physical difficulties or those too frail to walk even short distances. He's shared his gift of life with those less able and fully opened both his home and his heart to the hobby.

In the 1980s, he opened his own architectural firm and chose a specialized field in philately. His knowledge of U.S. postal services in general, and especially politics and history of the 1900s, has resulted in detailed in-depth research which expands our existing library of philatelic knowledge. His cooperative attitude endears him to fellow collectors and every one has only praise for his scholarly pursuits.

He maintains membership in several major societies and served on the Board of Directors for the U.S. Classics Society. He has been a Section Editor for the Classics Journal for the last 11 years, personally publishing 28 articles. His superior editing style provides authors with suggestions for research paths to enhance their articles in addition to his normal duties as Section Editor.

He's a founding member of the San Diego Exhibiting Workshop and provides novices and seasoned exhibitors with well thought-out comments. His is the voice of reason and we rely on his unbiased views as he has only one goal, the betterment of an exhibit, regardless of the exhibitor or exhibit subject. Our exhibiting community has benefited with higher medal levels after incorporating some of his insightful thoughts.

As an exhibitor, he ranks among the accomplished. His recognized strength, original research, has been rewarded time after time with gold medals for his multi-frame traditional and marcophily exhibits. National level Reserve and Grand awards and numerous specialty society awards are only part of this success story.

He's been instrumental with assistance to exhibitors building the most important U.S. Officials collections and exhibits in our country. We're speaking of exhibits earning international large gold medals as well as Champion of Champion participants and winners. This is no small feat as competition is fierce and his knowledge has proved to be the great key differentiator.

There are very few who provide so much to so many, without thought of recompense and with such modesty. I'm very honored to know this collector who shares himself and his knowledge without reserve. Please join me in welcoming the recipient of this year's Distinguished Service Award, on the day of his beloved father's birthday, Mr. Alan C. Campbell.



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