Federated Philatelic Clubs of Southern California


Distinguished Service Award for 2004

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Fran Adams

Presented by Dr. Jerome V. V. Kasper


Like many of us, tonight's honoree started collecting at an early age. He was lucky in that his parents were not just supporters who encouraged his interest, but were collectors who could share their knowledge and excitement with him.

He is interested in several facets of philately and has been successful as a collector, exhibitor, author and teacher. He has had an impact not just in Southern California, but throughout the US and Internationally.

Many of us have new ideas and approaches that we feel can benefit our hobby. The few who are most successful are those who are willing to do whatever is needed to see that their ideas become recognized by most philatelists as being of merit. Tonight's honoree has spent years working to bring the value and importance of his vision to other philatelists. He is still striving towards the goal of worldwide acceptance.

Service to Philately comes in many forms and colors. Some individuals take on responsibilities that keep them in the forefront of meetings such as this. Others work behind the scenes towards results that are every bit as significant. We must remember to honor all types of service.

Our honoree has had several loves since his childhood in what we might today call the "Hurricane Target Area". His first love of music ended up with him in his high school marching band and even a chance to march in the Macy's Parade!

His several-year career in the Air Force took him to many foreign places and made him more willing to take overseas employment following his discharge. This is very fortunate since it was while he was in Germany that he met his future bride. Also fortunate for all of us is that she happened to have a small stamp collection which awakened his interest in stamps. Following the birth of his first daughter, he and his family moved to Singapore early in 1978.

BUT, he left behind his first exhibit to be shown at a show in Germany. This single-frame exhibit, which received a Bronze, is the beginning of his exhibits and his vision. Shortly, his family was complete with the birth of a 2nd daughter. A move to San Diego taught them the beauties of this part of Southern California. Following a 2nd sojurn to Germany, they return and settle for good in San Diego.

Our honoree has been successful at multi-frame traditional and thematic exhibiting. With the usual care he exercises and that we all have come to expect, his exhibits have garnered not just Gold Medals, but the coveted APS Research Award, numerous Specialized Society Awards and a Reserve Grand.

But, it is in the area of single-frame exhibiting that his work shines most brightly!! In over 20 years of exhibiting, his exhibits, and there are more than 10 of them, have been awarded everything from Bronze to Gold and Platinum medals, many Specialty Society awards, and Single-Frame Grands and Reserve Grands. These exhibits, too, range from traditional to thematic subjects.

As a teacher and mentor, he has excelled. Many exhibitors praise him and what he has done to help them with their exhibits. He has been a font of knowledge about exhibiting techniques and we've enjoyed his expertise and presentations at prior SESCAL shows. Many collectors have benefited from his participation in and his leading of exhibitor's workshops. He has also authored a website about exhibits and exhibiting that is a must for all serious exhibitors.

Although his interest in single-frame exhibiting began with his first exhibit in Germany, his crusade to bring single-frame exhibiting to philately continued for many years. He has been an active board member of the American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors where he played a key part in the effort that has resulted in the acceptance of single-frame exhibiting as an important and exciting part of philately here in the United States. Australia and New Zealand are only two of the countries to have joined the bandwagon of single-frame exhibiting. In fact, Australia is holding its Single-Frame National Exhibition next weekend!! Bangkok 2003, Espana 2004 and Singapore 2004, had an experimental single-frame class. Although in a slightly different form than ours, it is expected that it will be adopted as a new FIP class.

We all bemoan the lack of new collectors and exhibitors, but only a rare few do something that actually addresses this issue and truly improves the situation. It is only fitting that tonight we acknowledge his service to philately.

It is with great pleasure that I present this year's Federated Philatelic Clubs of Southern California Distinguished Service Award to Fran Adams.



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