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Before presenting the Committee, we are often asked, "What does SESCAL stand for?" Simply, SESCAL is the annual Stamp Exhibition of Southern CALifornia sponsored by the Federated Philatelic Clubs of Southern California. Founded in the mid-1940s, this is the 73rd year for this exhibition. Originally, SESCAL was held at various locations near downtown Los Angeles, including the Elk's Club. From 1959 to 1976 the show was held in what was first a Statler Hotel and then became a Hilton Hotel. In 1977 we moved out to the Wilshire District and the world-famous Ambassador Hotel. In 1988 the show moved to the closest hotel to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) where it was held for 22 years. Originally the Hyatt at LAX, later operated by Wyndham, this hotel was completely refurbished and now carries the Radisson name. In 2010, we moved back to a Hilton property, the luxurious Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel, about 3/4 mile from the airport. In 2017, we moved to the Ontario Convention Center. We look forward with excitement to many years at this fifth venue in 72 years of SESCAL.


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Federation President & SESCAL General Chairman

Long-time SESCAL chairman Carl Shaff II stepped down at the end of SESCAL 2016 because of health issues. His replacement is John Weigle, who is also president of the Federated Philatelic Clubs of Southern California, which sponsors SESCAL.

Weigle is a long-time collector and member of the Ventura County Philatelic Society, where he edits the monthly newsletter and chairs the annual Youth Stamp Fair. He collects many things, but his major interests are the postal history of Ventura County, California, where he was born, and post office seals of the world. SESCAL dealers have helped him find material for both collections. He also writes a stamp column for the Ventura County Star.

As noted above, we are in a new location -- the Ontario Convention Center -- in a new county -- San Bernardino. We hope to attract many new people at the new location.

SESCAL 2018 Committee

We are pleased to introduce the collectors and non-collectors who are responsible for putting this year's SESCAL together. Some of these people have been working with this exhibition for over 40 years, others are new to the Committee in the past few years, and all have been involved with SESCAL in various ways for many years. It is their knowledge and labor that helps put the show together each year. Most of these people have e-mail and a link is given for them. In addition, the year that each person first served on the SESCAL Committee is given. Below the list are photos of many of the committee members. As other photos are acquired, they will be added here.


John Weigle General Chairman
John Weigle
First Year: 2017
Carl Shaff II Immediate Past
General Chairman

Carl Shaff II
First Year: 2007
Wallace Craig Past General Chairman
Wallace Craig
First Year: 1992
Fred Gregory Dealer Bourse Chairman
Fred Gregory
First Year: 2013
  Security Chairman
Howard Green Exhibits Chairman
Howard Green
First Year: 1993
Steven Radell Frame Guru
Steven Radell
First Year: 2008
Bill Miller Publicity Chairman
Bill Miller
First Year: 2009
Awards Chair
Dawn Goss
First Year: 2016
John Weigle Show Program Chair
John Weigle
First Year: 2002
Lois Evans Secretary to the Jury
Lois M. Evans-de Violini
First Year: 2001
Betty Green Banquet Chair
Betty Green
First Year: 2003
Jerry Winnerman Co-Admissions Chair
Jerry Winerman
First Year: 1998
Last Year: 2018
Our thanks for 20 years of Service
Gerry Winnerman Co-Admissions Chair
Gerry Winerman
First Year: 1998
Last year: 2018
Our thanks for 20 years of Service
Ed Kawasaki Society & Meeting Coordinator
Ed Kawasaki
First Year: 2007
Michael Litvak Cachet Coordinator
Michael Litvak
First Year: 2009
Bill Janson Youth Activities Coordinator
Bill Janson
First Year: 2007
Lois Evans Financial Chair
Lois M. Evans-de Violini
First Year: 2001




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