SESCAL 2014 Exhibit Awards

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Medal Level Awards

There are five levels of SESCAL Medals available in the philatelic exhibition:
Gold, Vermeil, Silver, Silver-Bronze, and Bronze.

In addition, the following special awards are available to the SESCAL Philatelic Jury:

Grand Awards

Federation Grand Award
sponsored by the Federated Philatelic Clubs of Southern California

George Bennett Memorial  Reserve Grand Award
sponsored by the Philatelic Society of Los Angeles

Single Frame Grand Award

Single Frame Reserve Grand Award

Guest Society Awards

Awards presented by the Scandinavian Collectors Club:
      SCC National Award - Best Scandinavian Exhibit
      SCC Medals:
            Jed Richter Award - Best Scandinavian Classic Format Exhibit
            Paul Jensen Award - Best Scandinavian Postal History Format Exhibit
            Victor Engstrom Award - Best Scandinavian Exhibit Research

Awards presented by the Éire Philatelic Association:
      Joseph E. Foley Award - Best Irish Exhibit
      EPA Award for Best Single Frame Exhibit
      EPA Exhibit Excellence Exhibit
      Mercer R. Bowers Awards - Most Improved Exhibits

Other Awards **

** Availability of some awards is dependent upon number of entries
received of that country or type of material, award level given, or
specific exhibit eligibility restrictions.

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