The 74th Annual Stamp Exhibition of Southern California
Oct. 12-14, 2018

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The 2018 Philatelic Jury

Dr. Peter P. McCann, Chief Judge, University Park, FL
Mr. Darrell R. Ertzberger, Arlington, VA
Mr. James P. Gough, Santa Ana, CA
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Hisey, University Park, FL
Dr. James P. Mazepa, Sarasota, FL

Apprentice Judge

Mr. Lan Qing Zhang, Rowland Heights, CA

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2018 Exhibits


On exhibit - Inverted Jenny Airmail Stamp

Inverted Jenny

On loan from The American Philatelic Society


Competitive exhibits are listed below alphabetically by titles, not in the order they will be displayed at SESCAL. The exhibits will be in Ballroom ABC.

Frame numbers will be added when they are available. The SESCAL Exhibits for 2018 are closed (9/14/2018).


Frame No. Title and Description No. Frames
1 Thar She Blows! U.S. Whaling Fiscal History of the Civil War Era
Whaling related revenue stamped documents of 1862 - 1872.
2-9 Chinese Airmails and Forerunners
Exhibit shows all known important items of Chinese aerophilately, including covers from first Chinese flight of May 7, 1920, and 27 covers of Sinkiang provisional airmail stamps - the largest assemblage ever in an exhibit of Chinese aerophilately.
10 Salute to the U.S.S. Shenandoah
This exhibit features unofficial mail carried on the Shenandoah while in flight on active duty with the Navy During 1924 and 1925.
11-15 Pre-Christian Armenia: From Origina To The Temple Of Garni
This exhibit explores history of pre-Christian Armenia.
16-20 The Postmarks and Cachets of the Aircraft Carrier USS Lexington 1928 - 1942
The story of the first carrier lost during WW II.
21 Toward United Nations
The five cent commemorative issue of 1945.
22-29 U. S. Plate Numbers of the U. S. - 19th Century
Used plate numbers of the 19th Century U. S.
30 New Zealand Stamped-To-Order Envelopes
A complete showing of all STO envelopes known to be in collector hands 1900 - 1953
31-38 The Postal History of Salem, Massachusetts
The history of Salem, Mass., domestic mail through Sept., 1883, Foreign up to UPU, from the first letter know sent from there by post.
39 Japan: Centennial of the 1860 USA Treaty Issues
A study of the 1960 issues.
40-45 The First Modern U. S. Postage Stamp
A discussion on the Industrial Revolution 1850 - 1859.
46-55 The Evolution of British Machine-Vended Postage, 1984 - 2014
Development of machine - vended postage in the U. K.
56-59 Philately of a Land of Extremes and Atrocities Outside the Purview of the World: Madagascar
Display exhibit of pre-colonial and colonial Madagascar philately.
60 Use of $5 Stamps To Pay Registry Surcharges on Transfers of Securities: 1933 - 48
Examples of highly franked financial covers used to transport bearer bonds.
61 The Barr-Fyke Cancels of Washington, D. C. 1897 - 1901
The experimental and contract periods.
62-63 Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee Issues of British Guiana
A study of the stamps and usage.
64-73 New York Stamp Taxes on Bonds, 1910-20
New York's mortgage endorsement, secured debt and tax on investments stamp taxes illustrated on stamped bonds.
74 New Zealand Prisoner-Of-War Air Letter Cards 1941 - 1945
A comprehensive showing of all nine issues including elusive and unique items.
75 Germany's First Zeppelin Flight to Untied States
Mail flown from Friedrichshafen to Lakehurst, N. J.
76-80 Canada's 1927 Confederation & Historical Issues
A study of the rates and usages.
81 Baltimore Reds: Foreign Mail 1868 - 1875
Baltimore foreign mail covers in the era of E/F Grill, 1869 Pictorial and Banknote stamps.
82-89 U. S. Departmentals, 1873 - 1884
In depth study of the U. S. Departmentals including proofs, stamps, varieties, plate multiples, cancels, used multiples and covers.
90 California Blues: The Blue Exchange Issues of 1857-8 On Intact Bills
Usage of California's blue Exchange stamps illustrated and explained via surviving Bills of Exchange.
91-100 Chile: The Presidente Issue of 1911 -1934
Varieties and uses, a comprehensive showing.
101-105 The Day the Earth Shook
This exhibit presents the saddest day in the recent history of the Republic of Armenia when the 9.5 earthquake shook the North West of Armenia leaving ruins in place of the city of Spitak.
106-110 The Internet
A Brief history of internet, how it works and effect on society.
111 The "Special Arrangement" between Liverpool and the U. S. 1843 - 1848
TransAtlantic letters sent by "closed bag" prior to the 1848 Convention
112-119 The Air and Gas Defense League (L.O.P.P.) in Polish Aerophilately (1923 - 1939)
Presents LOPP stamps and Labels on mail flown domestically and internationally.
120 Scarce Extremes on Document of Pre-WW I Documentary Revenues
Scarce Extremes on Document of Pre-WW I Documentary Revenues.
121 Die Proofs And Color Trials For The 1971 PHILEXOCAM Souvenir Sheet From Chad
Pre-production items show epitome of multi-color engraving.
122-127 United Nations Stamps For Expo 67 - Montreal, Canada
Design, development and printing of the Canada 5 Expo 67 stamps.
128 New South Wales Penalty Clause Mail, 1898 - 1902
NSW Official mail saw many changes over 85 years. Shown is the five year period of penalty clause mail.
129-134 United Nations Origins 1938 - 1942
Roosevelt and Churchill mold a new world peace organization.
135 The International Aerogrammes of China (1948 - 1949)
Displays the different issues and usages of the postage rate for the Chinese international aerogrammes from 1st issue in 1948 till the government of Republic of China withdrawal from China main land in 1949.
136-145 Nepal/India Cross-Border Postal History
The exhibit presents the development of postal relations between Nepal and India.
146 Original Printing Plate Fragments of the Cylinder Impressions of the Goebel Printing Press
Examples of original printing plate cylinder impressions used on Goebel heliogravure printing machines between 1985 and 1993 in Mexico.
147-150 Mozambique Company After November 1918
Archival material, stamps and usages of the 1918 - 1941 issues of Mozambique Company.
151 Wings Over The Bahamas
A traditional exhibit of the 1969 air mail service issue.
152-156 Pre-Stamp Period of Ecuador
157 The United Nations and Palestine 1947 - 1951
The U. N. effort to settle the Arab and Jewish land dispute.
158-165 Allied Military Occupation & The Arab Kingdom of Syria, 1918 - 1925
Postal history covering usages, rates, postmarks, stampless mail and censor markings.
166-175 United States Hand Applied Flag Cancellations
Origins, designs and evolution, 1852 - 1949.
176 Usages of the Ten Cent Trans-Mississippi Issue of 1898
Usags and rates of the 10 cent Trans-Miss issue.
177-180 Companhia do Nyassa 1894 - 1929
The development of the Companhia do Nyassa starting with its first attempted issue through the final issue of 1925, with emphasis on the work of Waterlow & Sons.


Last updated - September 21, 2018